It’s a funny story really, the story of my name –  it sums up who I am quite nicely.

Quirky. Unique. Hilarious. A-Z. The whole ka-boom.

You see my Mother in all her unique and gorgeous glory decided to invent my name somewhat. There was a perfume she loved called ‘Enjoli’, she liked the pronunciation of the name but decided to change the spelling. So she did and thus I was born –

 A . N . Z . J . U . L . I

The “Z” seems to confuse people on an everyday basis and quite frankly I don’t know how it got in there – but I’m glad it’s there! And who can say they have an inbuilt ice-breaker in their name? Not many!

Zee question of the Z
Maybe it made sense at the time –  the 80’s, it was a crazy decade!
Maybe in South Africa people understood a silent” Z”? And it would be tolerated better as the country has eleven official languages – one even starting with a Z! (Zulu – not silent)
Maybe my Mum just knew that I would fulfil all her wishes for a child, everything from A to Z! Haha. Kidding.
I became an Actor.
What mother hopes their child becomes an actor?

An actor’s life equals instability. It’s pretty much a ticket to crazy town and/or poverty, unless you get the winning lotto ticket and you know we’re all after that ticket, like mangy hungry dogs after a bone.

It’s like you’re trying to cross one giant ravine on a really windy day on a really rickety ancient wooden bridge with missing planks whilst below you jagged rocks protrude akin to millions of glistening blades covered in the blood and shredded remnants of those who have tried and miserably failed before you whilst on all fronts you are attacked by fire breathing dragons AND your butt naked AND you haven’t been working out lately AND everyone in the world is watching you or at least your really close concerned family and friends.

It’s like that. Kinda.

Acting is not for the faint of heart. Literally you could have a heart attack it’s that freaking stressful sometimes. And not the work. The work is amazing. The work is the crack we live off, the drug we drag ourselves through hell to get, the big steak, bowl of chips and decedent chocolate dessert we would DIE to eat!
No. It’s the other things that accompanies this addiction (and really it IS an addiction, I mean who in their right mind? Honestly) that makes acting so terribly scary, challenging and risky. It is a risky business.

But I can’t see myself doing anything else.

When you’re as crazy passionate about something like I am then there is no escape and well why would you? It’s a real damn bloody, crazy, fun, intoxicating, dreadful, soul depleting and again uplifting, joyfully exuberant ride and whenever I think of jumping out of the moving madness-coaster I cannot bring myself to do it. No matter how depressed, poor, irritable or depleted I am I always, always continue because this was what I was born to do and you cannot rewrite destiny.

So yes. That’s me and my name.

Anzjuli – pronounced ‘Un-jew-li’.

I’ll leave you with this hilarious commercial from the 80’s which aptly describes my comedic senses also
– I really should do a ripoff.